2023's Leading Brands in the Beauty Sector

As we usher in 2024, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the top-performing beauty brands of 2023. These brands have not only endured the test of time but also consistently delivered remarkable results. Their ability to adapt to industry shifts and accurately meet consumer demands has solidified their status as pioneers in the beauty sector.



With over a century of legacy, Chanel continues to excel in the beauty industry, particularly in fragrances. In the United States, its fragrances – Chance, Bleu de Chanel, and Coco Mademoiselle – are among the top sellers. Chanel's prowess is also evident on social media, where its beauty segment generated a Media Impact Value (MIV) of $59 million, as reported by Launchmetrics. Beyond fragrances, Chanel has made significant strides with its No. 1 Red Camellia series and Les Beiges contouring cream, earning accolades from Marie Claire and Allure. In the U.S., Chanel reigns as the foremost luxury beauty brand.


Dior seamlessly integrates its fashion dominance into the beauty realm. Its iconic True Eau de Parfum and the innovative Lip Glow series have driven substantial sales growth. According to Circana, Dior ranks as the third-largest luxury beauty brand in the U.S., leading in fragrances and holding a top ten position in color cosmetics. Euromonitor recognizes it as the world's eighth-largest cosmetics brand, with several top-ten fragrances. Its strong social media presence and appeal to Generation Z have propelled it to a significant position in EMV growth.

E.l.f. Cosmetics

E.l.f. Cosmetics has demonstrated a remarkable eighteen consecutive quarters of growth. The brand's early adoption of TikTok and impactful social media strategies have earned it a robust online reputation. Highlighted by its Super Bowl advertisement featuring Jennifer Coolidge, the brand's market share in cosmetics has seen the fastest growth, as reported by Circana.


As the largest beauty brand globally, L'ORÉAL Paris maintains leadership across key categories. Circana reports it as the leading brand in the U.S. mass hair and beauty markets, and second in color cosmetics globally. Launchmetrics data shows its leading position in MIV for skin care and hair care. Its product lines, like Infallible Fresh Wear Contour and Volume Noir Mascara, have garnered critical acclaim.

MAC Cosmetics

Approaching its 40th anniversary, MAC Cosmetics continues to lead as the world's third-largest and the U.S.'s largest premium makeup brand. It holds the highest MIV in makeup and ranks seventh in EMV, with a value exceeding $380 million. MAC's influence in the global makeup market is noteworthy, and its foray into skincare represents a new growth avenue.


Nars, nearing its 30th anniversary, remains a prominent player in the makeup market and is extending its reach digitally, including ventures into the metaverse. Ranking highly in MIV and EMV, Nars has maintained its product strength, with its Radiant Concealer being a top seller at Sephora.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York, transcending its American origins, remains the world's largest cosmetics brand. Its digital advancements have led to a significant MIV and a 25% increase in EMV. Maybelline's diverse product range, including award-winning Lip Vinyl and Super Stay Active Concealer, continues to drive L'Oréal's mass cosmetics division to new heights.

As we review these standout beauty brands of 2023, we invite our readers to share their favorite products and brand experiences in the comments.

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