JellyCat Early Spring New Arrivals for 2024

It's January again! Days are gradually moving towards spring, and JellyCat is launching its 25th-anniversary collection, early spring series, and the Year of the Dragon new spring series to celebrate its 25th anniversary! Moreover, in February, a whole bunch of new plush toys are waiting to be released! The editor wonders if your company's designers ever hit a creative block! My wallet is already feeling the pinch!

January New Arrivals Preview

Early Spring Series

Bonnie Bunny arrives early for spring, holding carrots and flowers ~ Junjun's favorite is this messenger rabbit! Its round head and cream-colored fluffy tail are truly adorable ~ The hardworking little bee is entirely synonymous with spring! Apart from these toys, more super cute toys like Bonnie Bunny Macarons and Shy Little Ducks are new on the official website!

Valentine's Day Series

The heart-holding Bonnie Bunny is adorably cute! The huggable heart-shaped toys are irresistible! There's also the heart-shaped Amy Sheep and love lock ~ Next month is Valentine's Day! Get one for your loved one!

Lying Dragon Charm

The previously popular Lying Dragon toy finally has a charm version now~ It can go anywhere with you! Every color is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing all the colors of the big toys coming out~

Year of the Dragon Series

In the Dragon Year of 2024, JellyCat has launched several dragon-themed toys~ The little golden dragon is really cute~ The fiery red Darwin Dragon is very festive! The latest and most traditional Chikin Xiang Dragon toy, with its fluffy cream-colored whiskers, really makes you want to touch it~

JellyCat Series

The boss in the logo makes a personal appearance! JellyCat (or Jelly Cat) finally debuts in the center stage~ To celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary, the treatment is full! A one-time release of large pillows, bags, toys, bag charms~ Fans don't miss out!

Other Series
Bonnie Bunny and Barcelona Bear, as the top products of the brand, have also released new models~ The Monet Water Lilies color Bonnie Bunny is special~ Barcelona Bear in a bunny-eared bathrobe makes one confuse "bear" and "bunny"? Both are so cute, who wouldn't be confused!!

February New Arrivals Coming Soon

It must be said, the designers really have great creativity; every new model always feels fresh, cute, and makes one want to buy! Junjun guesses that the top products in the new arrivals will be the Flower Bouquet and Siamese Cat! The bouquet seems perfect for everyone to use at graduation ceremonies, a forever memory~ The Siamese Cat perfectly replicates a "coal miner," bringing fortune to the Cat Cult! The little pig bag is also cute and pink, just curious about its capacity! Little cuties like sour cucumbers and coffee beans are also uniquely adorable~

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