Guide to buying ski equipment. How to buy ski equipment in the United States?

Skiing is a charming sport. It is definitely a very comfortable thing to invite a few friends to have a skiing and snow sports.
Skiing is different from many other sports in that it has certain requirements for sports equipment. How to choose suitable equipment and start your own ski career has become a big issue for many friends. I have summarized some basic ski equipment selections for you here. Knowledge paves the way for novice skiers.
Warm reminder: Although skiing is very new for you who are preparing to ski for the first time, since ski equipment is not cheap, I suggest that you buy personal items such as clothes and gloves first, and other rental equipment can be used at the ski resort. Rent and use it. If you are very interested in skiing, you can purchase and upgrade other equipment.

General ski equipment

Ski Suit

Ski clothing should be one of the most important pieces of equipment for winter snow sports. Good ski clothing has very practical functions such as making the wearer feel light, breathable, warm, waterproof and moisture-proof. On a snowy winter day, you need to wrap yourself up tightly before going out for skiing. After covering up your beautiful face, you can only highlight your personality in shiny clothes.

When purchasing ski clothing, please pay attention to the waterproof level (5000-30,000) and breathability level (5000-20,000). The larger the value here, the more waterproof/breathable it is.
Recommended brands for ski wear: Oakley / 686 / adidas / Burton / The North Face

Quick Drying Clothes

As the close-fitting layer of ski clothing, the main function of quick-drying clothing is to absorb moisture and sweat, keep warm and lock in temperature, so that the body can be in a dry and warm environment as much as possible during exercise. Although skiing is a winter sport, you will sweat a lot during the process. If you don’t wear quick-drying clothing, you may easily catch the cold. Although pure cotton clothing has good sweat absorption properties, its quick-drying properties are not outstanding, so it is generally not recommended to wear pure cotton clothing as an inner base layer during exercise.
Recommended brands of quick-drying clothes: X-bionic / Icebreaker / Arc'teryx / Burton


In addition to keeping the head and ears warm, a good hat is also essential for moisture-proof and waterproof functions. Snowflakes often splash on the head during skiing. If you wear a cotton hat, you will feel wet and cold in the ice and snow. The hat will definitely not be happy. Therefore, when buying a hat, pay attention to whether the hat has an external waterproof layer.


Although many American ski resorts do not have strict requirements for adults to wear helmets, wearing a helmet can provide reassuring protection for skiing, a sport where falls are likely to occur. Please try your best to try it on when purchasing, and make sure the helmet meets the safety level requirements. In addition, many ski resorts will provide free or cheap helmet rentals.


In addition to keeping warm, gloves also play a very important role in winter outdoor sports. I wear two pairs of inner and outer gloves when skiing. In addition to keeping warm, I also buy gloves that can operate touch screens, so that I don’t have to take off my gloves to operate electronic products such as mobile phones or GoPros in the winter. For the outer gloves, I will choose waterproof and moisture-proof gloves with certain joint protection. They should be thicker and warmer. After all, I don’t want to freeze like a dog in the ice and snow.

Ski Goggles

Goggles are very important, especially for those who wear contact lenses. When you are moving at high speed, the cold wind mixed with snowflakes will hit you, which may affect your vision because you cannot open your eyes. In addition, on snow-capped mountains, the sunlight reflected by the snow will be extremely dazzling, so a good pair of goggles is very important. I wear two pairs of lenses, one is relatively dark for sun protection, and the other is suitable for night use, has a small light-proof effect and has high visibility in dark light.

Snowboarding Equipment

1. Snowboard

The profile of a snowboard refers to the snowboard manufacturer’s design of the bending angle of the snowboard. Different curved surfaces have different functions and effects, and it is also very important to choose a ski that suits you.
Camber - a traditional snowboard curved surface design. The contact points with the snow are generally at the widest points at both ends of the snowboard, with a slight bulge in the middle like a bridge. The characteristic of this type of snowboard is that it provides stable support when turning, has a sharp response, and is suitable for high-speed sliding and alpine sliding. The disadvantage is that there will be a shaking feeling during sliding, which is difficult for beginners to control, and it is easy to shovel snow and fall.

Rocker - This type of board is completely opposite to the Camber. The sides are raised and the middle is concave to contact the snow. The characteristic of this type of board is that it is very easy to turn, especially when gliding at slow speeds. In addition, because both sides are tilted upward, shoveling snow will hardly occur, so it is more suitable for beginners. The disadvantage of this type of version is that it is not particularly stable if the sliding speed is fast.

Flat - This type of board is based on the Rocker and increases the contact area between the middle and the snow. It increases a certain stability when sliding at high speed, but it also increases the probability of shoveling snow. It is said to be more suitable for those who have learned to ski but are not yet very proficient.

Hybird - This type of board type is just like its name. There is no complete board type definition. Different products or different companies will have their own designs. Friends can make decisions about this type of board based on the above concepts and their own actual conditions. Make a reasonable selection.


The softness of snowboards is generally divided into 10 levels. 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest. Beginners are more suitable for soft and hardness between 3 and 6. If it is too hard, it is difficult to control and is not suitable for learning, and if it is too soft, it is difficult to control. It will also be very unstable and very difficult for beginners to master.


Another aspect of skis that has a huge impact is the shape of the board. Nowadays, with technology, there are many different shapes of skis. Different shapes of boards will correspond to different functions. For beginners, True Twin is a very good choice. It is the most basic board type with symmetry on both sides and consistent top and bottom. After understanding and familiarity, you can master the basic needs of skiing. Then try different types of board types according to your personal preference.


There are no strict rules for size selection, but generally speaking, short skis are easy to turn, light, and suitable for free skiing enthusiasts, but they also have disadvantages such as being unstable and unable to glide at high speeds. Long skis have the opposite properties. In addition, friends can also choose the appropriate size according to their height and weight.

In terms of height, it is more appropriate to choose skis that are 10-25cm different from your own height. The heavier you are, the closer to your own height you should choose. There are no clear regulations here, you can choose according to personal preference.

2. Veneer boots

The first factor when buying a pair of snowboard boots is to try them on on your own feet rather than ordering them online. Make sure the boots are the right size and that they are tight but not uncomfortable or pinching when laced up. Try different types and brands of boots at a ski store to try them on to find the ones that work best for you.

Form and comfort

When skiing, you have to wear thick and bulky snowboard boots, and a pair of boots that are stylish, comfortable, and breathable is very important. I recommend that you try them on at a local sporting goods store because skiing There are certain risks in sports, so you need to carefully choose the appropriate size for yourself and ensure a certain amount of support for your ankles and ensure comfort.

How to tie shoelaces

For convenience, in addition to the traditional way of tying shoelaces, several other very good ways of tying shoelaces have been invented for veneer boots. Common ones include Quick Lacing (after tightening with a buckle, the buckle is stuck), Boa Lacing (turning elastic shoelaces via a knob).

3. Snowboard boot fixer

The selection of snowboard boot bindings is also very important. It is very important to choose bindings that are of appropriate size, strong and reliable, and easy to put on and take off to ensure safety when sliding at high speeds. When choosing bindings, please pay attention to the adaptation of the bindings to the skis, including installation adaptation and size adaptation. There will be different brands with special installation methods that are only suitable for special bindings. In addition, the size of the binding should match your boots and skis. The most important thing is that the size is right.

Ski Equipment

1. Skis and skis

Just like snowboards, skis use different curved surfaces. Like snowboards, the general uses and functions are almost the same. It is correct to choose the snowboard that suits you. For beginners, Rocker’s board type is still more suitable for entry.

Recommended brands of skis: Nordica / Rossignol / Salomon / K2 / Atomic / Dynastar / Kastle

2. Ski boots

Like single boards, double boards also have unique ski boots, whose main function is to connect the shoes and ski boots together. Only you know the level of comfort. I strongly recommend that you go to the store to try it on before purchasing.

3. Double plate holder

When selecting double-board anchors, you must pay attention to the plate type. Different plate types have certain differences in width. If you choose a anchor that is too large or too wide, it may not be able to be used on a narrow panel.

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