9 Best Down Sleeping Bags

Backpacking and also camping need a fair bit of preparation, like intending a route, understanding where outdoor camping is allowed, looking for trail-ready foods, and loading all the right gear. Your going to bed equipment-- camping tent, resting bag, sleeping pad-- is perhaps one of the most important part of your backpacking setup. This trifecta is usually heavy, expensive, and eats the most room.

While some individuals will get the lightest, most minimalist equipment feasible, we're firm followers that if you're going to skimp anywhere to save some weight or cash, your resting arrangement is not the location to do it. Since if you're going to absolutely appreciate all of nature's appeal as well as obtain any type of sort of recuperation sleep after a ruthless walking (or four), you'll require an outdoor tents, pad, as well as resting bag that are up for the obstacle.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Resting bags, like all various other exterior gear, extend an extraordinary variety of cost and also quality. Whether you're a beginner backpacker or an occasional camper, the basics in the build are approximately the same. And since it's a large financial investment, it is very important to locate a down resting bag that's best for all of your demands.

What to Take into consideration

Temperature Scores

Every bag has a number in the title that describes its temperature rating (in Fahrenheit). This score system can get rather intricate, so we'll keep it basic: Choose a bag that is rated somewhat below the lowest temperatures that you will certainly most generally encounter.

Fill up Power

Every resting bag additionally has actually a number called "fill power," varying from lows around 600 to highs around 950. Higher fill power is a better down, which subsequently affects the warmth-to-weight ratio: even more heat and much less weight are clearly much better. Shielding extra effectively with much less dimension and weight makes a higher fill power preferred, and also thus, much more costly. Clear as mud?

Insulation type

Resting bags are either stuffed with down feathers or artificial fibers-- and some bags also have a blend of the two. Synthetic bags are cheaper as well as do far better when damp, yet they're much heavier and also do not compress down virtually as tiny. Down resting bags are a lot more costly, however they're the gold criterion for the majority of backpackers, as they weigh much less, press smaller, are much more resilient, as well as can maintain you pretty darn toasty in cold temps. Given that we practically always advise down over artificial, this testimonial will certainly concentrate on down sleeping bags only.


Sleeping bags can obtain rather darn heavy, so the "total bag weight" is very important. We would certainly advise remaining around 3 extra pounds or less if your budget plan allows (lighter = much more expensive). You can get a solid bag that compresses well, maintains you cozy, and will last you quite a long time for around $300.


Mommy bags are the most common resting bag form. They have a tapered form with less squandered space as well as material, resembling the contours of your body, which makes them smaller, lighter, and much more thermally reliable than various other forms. Semi rectangle-shaped bags have more area to shake, which also implies even more material and-- you guessed it-- a heavier item. Patchworks are a 3rd choice, especially for minimal backpackers, as they decrease mass, like the big hood that several campers hardly ever use.

How to Chose

Our editors extensively examined a big range of down resting bags for outdoor camping and backpacking, thinking about points like fill power, warmth-to-weight proportion, resilience, as well as of course, price. Most of these down sleeping bags were chosen based upon positive firsthand testing experiences, while others were picked based on hrs of research study and also surveys of individual reviews.

In this review, we have actually combined our enthusiasm for nature with our understanding of the outdoor industry to aid you make an enlightened decision and also choose the most effective down resting bag for you, so you, too, will certainly take into consideration stopping your day work and vanishing indefinitely. Careful, there!

1. Nemo Disco 30 Sleeping Bag

Nemo Disco 30 Sleeping Bag

Price: $279.95
Sale: $259.95 (10% off)

Key Functions

- Temperature level score: 30 degrees

- Fill power: 650

- Weight: 31 ounces

Calling all side sleepers. The Nightclub has Nemo's special "spoon shape," with even more area at the joints, hips, and knees, so you can move easily within the bag as you change back and forth. Being constricted is a sensation that can really affect rest quality for side sleepers (that's us!), and also this bag virtually eliminates those difficulties.

The Nightclub 30 considers 31 ounces and packs right into the 11x8-inch sack, which is pretty darn comfy, taking into consideration the quantity of comfort you'll get. It's by no means large or heavy, and the included convenience is 100% worth leaving an added pair of underwear or more (personal viewpoint).

Real to Nemo kind, this bag has lots of unique, well-thought (otherwise overbuilt) features that confirmed beneficial to us on a cool, wet evening off the grid: "Thermo Gills" that can be unzipped to let hot air out without enabling great drafts in, a water-proof footbox that stops chilly toes when condensation invades your camping tent, an incorporated sleeve to maintain your cushion in position, as well as a covering fold by your chin that leaves you with a "embeded prepared for bed" feeling.

Bottom Line: Side sleepers have actually fulfilled their suit, and a host of additional features truly take full advantage of convenience.

2. Sierra Designs Get Down 35 Down Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs Get Down 35 Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $179.95
Sale: $159.95 (18% off)

Secret Functions

- Temperature level ranking: 35 levels

- Fill up power: 550

- Weight: 28 ounces

Sierra Layouts is one of minority exterior gear companies that makes top quality resting bags at an affordable rate factor. As well as their new Get Down 35 is the perfect instance.

This mummy-shaped bag loads a lot of punch for the rate, damaging most other down-filled 35-degree sleeping bags. The Get Down is stuffed with 550-fill down that is water immune and properly sourced. It considers simply 28 ounces and also loads down tiny to fit in your over night knapsack. We like just how soft the taffeta lining really feels on our skin, and we enjoy to pack our hands in the inner hand pockets for extra heat, a lot more.

It's certainly not the smallest or lightest, yet its a terrific entry-level alternative for occasional backpackers who can't manage to spend over $300.

Bottom Line: An amazing worth for starting or periodic backpackers.

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3. Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $289.95
Sale: $269.95 (12% off)

Key Features

- Temperature score: 15 levels

- Fill power: 650

- Weight: 40 ounces

If you've never tried a Large Agnes System bag, it's time to get with the times. They have an incorporated sleeve on the underside that holds most blow up sleeping pads, which is the best option to maintaining restless sleepers from sliding and gliding off their pad. We swear by this style and virtually always favor it when camping.

This rectangle-shaped bag has a lot more wiggle room than a mummy bag, with a Free Variety Footbox, giving you room to expand a little bit. It features DownTek's 650-fill hydrophobic down, is temperature rated at 15 degrees, weighs 40 ounces, and loads down into the 8x17.5-inch stuff sack (normal dimension). It comes in regular, long, and also wide-long versions, so there's something for people of all sizes.

If convenience takes precedence over weight-saving, and you're servicing a set earnings, this bag must be a serious challenger. We have actually utilized it on damp, multinight trips with lower mileage, where a couple of additional ounces is tolerable, and also rainfall is prevalent, and we're constantly happy to have a roomier bag with additional features when we bed down.

Profits: Excellent quality with comfort-enhancing features for the budget-conscious.

4. Kelty Cosmic 0 Down Sleeping Bag

Kelty Cosmic 0 Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $229.95
Sale: $219.95 (5% off)

Secret Features

- Temperature score: 0 levels

- Fill up power: 550

- Weight: 42 ounces

For about $200, Kelty's Planetary 0-Degree Down resting bag is a great deal of bag for your dollar. It could not be the lightest or most compressible bag around, however it's conveniently among one of the most budget-friendly zero level bags around, and it comes from a well-respected brand name in Kelty. For the budget-wise car-camper who will periodically backpack in below-freezing temps, Kelty supplies a great deal of bang for your buck.

Rated at 0 levels, this mummy-shaped bag can three-season backpacking. It's stuffed with water-resistant 550-fill down, so you won't have a soaked bag all weekend if some wetness sneaks via the joints of your tent. It weighs a hefty 42 ounces and loads to 16x10 inches.

Perhaps our preferred quality is this bag's fabric-- it's a nylon taffeta that measures up to the gentleness of your visitor bedsheets. We have actually had some cozy evenings in this bag and also will most definitely keep it in turning well right into the autumn.

Bottom Line: If you're constantly chilly, this will certainly maintain your body warm and your pockets complete.

5. Western Mountaineering HighLite 35 Down Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering HighLite 35 Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $390.00
Sale: $380.00 (3% off)

Key Features

- Temperature rating: 35 degrees

- Fill power: 650

- Weight: 16 ounces

An evaluation of the best down resting bags would certainly be incomplete without mention of Western Alpinism. Its 2 founders have actually been making premium equipment from the finest resources for 30 years now, as well as they have actually ended up being a household name for backpackers.

Weighing in at simply 1 pound (yes, 1 pound!), this is the lightest resting bag on our checklist. As well as while it's toward the top of our price array, it's Western Alpinism's most moderately valued bag. The HighLite has a mummy form, 850-fill down that compresses very little, and also a waterproof covering on the material.

It's ranked at 35 levels, so it's more of a summertime option than a three-season one. But if you regular warmer temperature levels, having this extremely little as well as light-weight bag as part of your toolbox will certainly liberate lots of space in your pack. What you select to do with that space-- load it with hoppy beverages, or leave it uninhabited for performance-- is entirely up to you.

Bottom Line: If summer season is your period, this 1-pound bag could be the begin of your expedition down the ultra-light route.

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6. Sierra Designs Nitro Quilt 800 35-Degree

Sierra Designs Nitro Quilt 800 35-Degree

Price: $290.95
Sale: $249.95(50% off)

Secret Functions

- Temperature ranking: 35 levels

- Fill power: 800

- Weight: 22 ounces

Patchworks are all the hype nowadays for backpackers, and also it just makes good sense: Less bulk where it's much less reliable (below) for weight savings. As Well As Sierra Styles has actually nailed it with their Nitro Series quilts.

Weighing in at simply 1 pound, 6 ounces, this 35-degree patchwork has 800-fill down that loads down very little right into the 13x7-inch things sack. Its unique form implies that your upper body will certainly relax straight on the sleeping pad, but by packing your mitts in the protected hand pockets, you can wrap on your own up nonetheless comfortably (or freely) you select!

This patchwork also has a "Hide-away hood" for those periodic sub-zero evenings, so you can peek your face out and maintain the rest of your head completed.

We took the Nitro Quilt backpacking, hoping to conserve weight and also room, yet expecting that we may give up some heat or convenience. Kid, were we wrong! As a side sleeper, having the added room up top is clutch while having the ability to reposition quickly without allowing warmth out was a game-changer. It could just be time for you to take into consideration a patchwork, also.

Profits: With less product, this quilter is lighter and a lot more reliable than a mummy bag.

7. The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag

The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag

Price: $300.00
Sale: $290.00 (3% off)

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Secret Functions

- Temperature level ranking: 5-40 levels

- Fill up power: 800

- Weight: 60 ounces

3 bags for the price of one? Authorize us up! The North Face's One Bag is a three-part system that might feel like a trick, but it's a pretty strong competitor for car-camping when you take a much deeper dive.

Everything starts with a base bag that can be integrated with either or both of the other two layers, depending upon the climate, to deliver convenience at three different temperature varieties: 5, 20, and 40 degrees.

While this bag has a mummy silhouette, it's much roomier than a traditional mummy resting bag. It's filled with a combo of 800-fill down as well as synthetic fibers consider a total amount of 3.75 and also stuffs to 17.5 x13.5 inches. This makes it the heaviest as well as largest choice we evaluated. But the convenience is top-notch, and having options is a great function that is hard to overlook.

Bottom Line: For less than $300, this bag's flexibility and also comfort are ideal for auto outdoor camping.

8. Feathered Friends Egret YF 20/30 Sleeping Bag

Feathered Friends Egret YF 20/30 Sleeping Bag

Price: $439.00
Sale: $429.00 (2% off)

Trick Features

- Temperature level score: 20 levels

- Load power: 900

- Weight: 24 ounces

Feathery Friends' equipment has been hand-crafted in Seattle's industrial district because 1972 with 100% properly sourced down. The majority of their gear is costly, however they make some attainable choices similar to this, as well.

The Flicker is their very successful line. The 30-degree option functions 900-fill down that weighs 24 ounces (tool) as well as loads to 8 liters. The unabridged zip can be opened up on warmer nights or closed for full, warm coverage. It's offered with several temperature ratings (20 and also 30 degrees), sizes (little or medium), as well as colors (Marine and also Iris).

It's a bit larger and less packable than many comparably-priced bags, but for anyone who values American-made top quality and sensibly sourced down, Feathered Friends deserves a look.

Bottom Line: A quality American-made sleeping bag from a well-respected brand name.

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9. REI Magma 15 Down Sleeping Bag

REI Magma 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $410.00
Sale: $389.00 (30% off)

Main Features

- Temperature level score: 15 levels

- Fill power: 850

- Weight: 28.2 ounces

For frequent backpackers who want the best warmth-to-weight ratio and also can't pay out $500, REI's Lava 15 must be a serious challenger.

The Magma's radiating star is its down filling. This premium 850-fill goose down is waterproof, temperature-rated at 15 degrees, and Bluesign accepted for environmental and also job-related safety and security. With a weight of 28 ounces and a pressed dimension of simply over 5 liters, it's an impressive mix for enthusiastic backpackers in chillier environments.

Most importantly? It's built to last. The Downproof Pertex shell textile resists wear and tear, and the brand-new zipper cover with an interior anti-snag strip will prevent jams when you're half-awake, stepping out for a wee.

Bottom Line: This bag completes in the below-$400 range with a killer combination of weight, warmth, durability, and also packability.

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