New York subway card strategy

Walking in the city, in addition to violent walks and public transportation, the subway is the most economical and convenient way to transport. In New York is no exception, then the New York subway will of course need the New York subway card, CouponBind summed up the New York subway card strategy, can help you more convenient to take the subway.

The New York subway line is intricate, but it’s not difficult to grasp the key points.

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1, New York subway card classification:

Buying tickets separately, a single ride of 2.75 US dollars, the subway card is the most cost-effective choice, mainly divided into the following two types:

①、Pay Per Ride

A paper card that is sold at most subway stations for ticket vending machines and for sale. When you purchase a card, the amount of recharge can reach 5 US dollars and you can get an extra 5% bonus. However, there is no reward for accumulating a total of $5. If the balance of the card is not gone, it can be recharged repeatedly. Can be used by 4 people at the same time. For example, if you recharge $20, the actual card amount should be $21. In addition to the use of the subway, the bus can also be used for the Airport Express Air Train. The same amount is deducted from the card for each ride.

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②、unlimited ride metrocard:

a, 7 days card -30 dollars. Unlimited rides within 7 days, of course, the more you ride, the more cost-effective.

b, 30 days card - 112 dollars. Unlimited rides within 30 days, the same function as the 7th card.

2, New York subway card comparison:

Pay Per Ride prepaid card: If you purchase more than 5 US dollars, you can get 5% of the gift. You can use this card within 2 hours. You can exchange bus, subway, public bus and public exchange for free, and the validity period displayed on the back of the card. When you need it, recharge it at any time. This card can be used by 4 people at the same time.

Unlimited ride metrocard:

The more you ride, the more cost-effective, you can transfer from the bus to the subway, the subway to the subway, the bus to the bus, this card can only be used once, expired, can not be recharged, each time the ride is limited to 1 person, after each use, in This card may not be used again within 18 minutes of the same station or subway station.

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2. How to use the New York subway card:

Before entering the station, the magnetic stripe on the machine at the gate is brushed down and immediately deducted. The gate is a triangular iron rod entrance. After the card is swiped, the triangle iron can be rotated to enter the station. If you pull the suitcase, you can first swipe the card into the station, then open the iron door next to the gate to pull in the luggage, too big luggage gate can not enter. The iron door can only be opened to the inside of the pit stop, and there is an alarm sound of about 20 seconds at the same time. But don't worry, the people who carry the baggage are all in this way, as long as they don't have a ticket.

The New York subway seems complicated, but in fact, as long as you know the New York subway in advance and prepare for the New York subway card, it is not difficult to take the New York subway. On the contrary, the subway can help us reach our destination faster and more easily, making our journey. More smooth and happy.

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